CENTURY 21 SPAIN AND PORTUGALThe CENTURY 21 Network arrived in Spain in 2010 and in Portugal in 2005, thanks to the companies Red Global España S.L. and Rede Global S.A.

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The CENTURY 21 Network arrived in Spain in 2010 and in Portugal in 2005, thanks to the companies Red Global España S. L./Espanha and Rede Global S. A./Portugal, which entities make up the ABN Souza business group.

The company lands in these two countries to make a contribution towards professionalizing the real state sector. For this purpose, it is aimed at entrepreneurial, dynamic, professional real estate agents, endowed with a team spirit and with the ability to manage a company in all its various aspects, who will always be assisted by a company with a specialized, well organized structure.

The main objective of the CENTURY 21 Brand Portugal and Spain is to offer real estate agents the possibility of benefiting from a wide range of tools, programmes and systems that may help them achieve success.

Currently, with 72 offices in Spain an 220 in Portugal, the CENTURY 21 Network brings together more than 6.000 real estate professionals in these 2 countries.


For growing the Brand, CENTURY 21 stays in the forefront of the evolution of the market and of the world economy, being agile enough to move at the speed it is challenged by the sector.

Under the concept “If there is a relationship, everything is negotiable,” the CENTURY 21 Network bases the maximization of business profitability on three key points:

- Understand the needs of the local market, to ensure the highest quality of customer service.

- Recruit and retain a productive sales team with a professional image.

- Build a portfolio of competitive properties adjusted to local market demand.


The CENTURY 21 System was developed to assist the customer throughout the entire process of selling and buying properties, in order to facilitate this operation, for it be carried out as swiftly and as easily as possible.

Thus, the CENTURY 21 Network develops, directs and mobilizes a network of franchised real estate agents that act in the market as a reference of quality and procedural integrity for the sector.

With the aim of leading the real estate market, the CENTURY 21 System defined the "Four D’s" matrix as its main operating concept:

Dimension – the largest and most efficient real estate brokerage network.

Dynamics – the best way to communicate with the market.

Differentiation – innovation and strong brand image.

Devotion – regarding the quality of service provided to its customers.

The CENTURY 21 Brand in Spain is owned by Red Global S.L., which is part of the ABN Souza S.A. business group. This group has stakes in various sectors such as real estate development, real estate franchising and real estate management and services on digital platforms.


Joaquim Rocha de Sousa

CENTURY 21 President for Portugal and Spain

Born in Lisbon, Portugal, Joaquim Rocha de Sousa is one of the main references in Portugal as a businessman and entrepreneur. He established his first company in 1978 in the distribution sector of industrial and tourism vehicles, developing one of the most important dealership networks for various brands, such as OPEL and PEUGEOT. In 1992, he started his real estate cycle, soon becoming a reference in the luxury real estate sector. His real estate projects such as San Zenone, Spazio, Avenida de Descobertas, among many others, are current references in terms of quality, design, and architecture. In 2004, he expands his real estate business with the acquisition of the master franchise rights of the CENTURY 21 brand for Portugal, Spain and Cape Verde.

Ricardo Sousa

CENTURY 21 CEO for Spain and Portugal

Born in Santarém, Portugal, Ricardo Sousa has been a director and executive director for the CENTURY 21® Brand in Spain and Portugal since 2004, and is also a member of the Advisory Board of CENTURY 21® International. In addition, he is a member of the board of directors of the Spanish Franchising Association, and a member of the Advisory Board of the Portuguese Franchising Association. Ricardo Sousa has a degree in Economics from the Lusíada University in Lisbon. He completed his training with a postgraduate degree in Real Estate Investments, at the Higher Institute of Labour Sciences of the Technical University of Lisbon, and the Advanced Management Programme for executives at the Portuguese Catholic University. He also attended the Owners & Entrepreneurs Management Programme at the Companies Institute (Instituto de Empresa - IE), and, in 2018, he completed the Global Advanced Management Programme (GAMP), also taught at this institution. He is a member of RICS, specializing in residential real estate, and of the CRS (Council of Residential Specialists).


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