Bernardo Salazar

My profession, business administrator graduated from the University of Valle del Cauca, in Colombia.

Originally from the beautiful city of Cali Colombia, I made the leap to Dallas Texas in 1997 with the desire to achieve dreams and achieve goals. There I was lucky to start in the fantastic professional world of the Real Estate Sector as a Financial Advisor, after several years in that wonderful country, I receive a fabulous proposal to cross the ocean and land on the Costa del Sol (Andalucia) since then we chose this site to form a Life, which I have combined for the last 14 years between my Family and my Clients.

Since I arrived, I have not done anything else but contribute my knowledge and learn in the real estate sector to help Families sell or buy some of their most precious assets. A HOME Knowing the market through my work experiences as a real estate consultant, have allowed me to expand my vision on the current market for each sector and the importance of always introducing innovative products. In this sense, my work as a real estate consultant seeks to design and rethink sales strategies that successfully meet the objectives set for you.

I have lived personally and professionally, according to a series of values such as: honesty, integrity, competence, precision, professionalism, commitment, quality and dedication, among others. I found these values in CENTURY 21 SUN.
 Common thoughts, which gave rise to joint projects.
From person to person, I am the right person to sell your property.

I have worked in the real estate and financial field in two different markets, such as American and Spanish.
Experience in commercial leadership in real estate sales internationally and knowledge of the behavior and development of the national market.

Focused as a leading Team in USA in the Loans Officer department of Allied Home Mortgage in Dallas TX. Specialized in first home buyers (first time buyers.)
With more than 15 years of experience in the Spanish market in sales of bank fixed assets and new construction homes,
In my concept, the important thing to be able to achieve objective is the attitude and emphasize with work, work and more work is what makes the difference.

Training and Expertise
  • CREATE 21
  • Presentación de Servicios para Brillar
  • Ser y Estar CENTURY 21
  • English