Miriam Arteaga

I'm Miriam Arteaga, I've been in the real estate sector for 3 and a half years and I never thought it was such an exciting world, in these three years my WORK and EFFORT has been recognized, giving me 3 awards, recognition of being among the best advisers in Spain , Ruby, Esmeralda and Diamante, this last year I have finished among the 20 BEST advisers in Spain a great pride to be among them, my motto is with me it is "More Safe, Easier and Faster" the whole process of Buy-Selling It becomes thanks to my work and the Human team that is behind in Century21 CAPITAL, office to which I belong and which has been N1 of Spain for 3 consecutive years. If you need HELP in your PURCHASE-SALE process, it is always "SAFER, EASIER AND FASTER"

Training and Expertise
  • CREATE 21
  • Ser y Estar CENTURY 21
Awards and Distinctions
  • 2018 Galardón Esmeralda
  • 2017 Galardón Diamante
  • 2016 Galardón Esmeralda
  • 2015 Galardón Ruby