Sergio Bermudez Perez

A finished project, delivered on time. An idea come true. A factory with processes, a company with responsibility and ethics. You wanted to do things well. A family. They were 30 special years. Now I have discovered that those projects of before, that you could touch, have become intangible and are able to fill the soul, the interior. Good news that solves problems, achievements that change lives, actions that turn into smiles. Now I manage joys. Yes, to get the house of my dreams, to be able to sell the apartment I share with my couple to buy the place of the children, to change space because the family has grown, to sell my farm because we have grown up and we want to travel around the world, with that rent I will help the family. Now I help to get all that. And, with the same principles of ever; Honesty, responsibility and commitment. Without forgetting my motto of life: Everything is a matter of attitude. !!
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Training and Expertise
  • CREATE 21
  • English
  • Español