Stuart Pooley

Stuart first became involves in investment products as a commodities broker where he would conduct a highly personalised fact find for HNWI before supporting them to plan their investment strategy using leveraged physical commodities and a higher risk growth tools. The products were mainly utilised as a hedge against political and economic uncertainty, with clients investing in precious metals and currency to risk-balance their portfolio.

Stuart used his knowledge of UK clients to help developers in the pre-application process to guide architects on features that clients would find appealing, working closely with the builders to ensure the projects were delivered on time and within budget.

The end-to-end service meant that he would often directly ensure handover of keys at completion and that additional services such as furnishing were delivered on time.

In addition to his international experience, Stuart has 10 years’ experience of brokerage/distribution of UK investment properties such as Buy to Lets, sourcing and distributing residential and mixed use projects directly to clients or through the use of investment vehicles such as JVs.

Stuart also has extensive experience of land banking, obtaining planning consent, and then design/build of residential units, selling into the open market. He has acquired part-finished developments, completing the build on schedule and sourcing tenants to provider a high yield asset for his clients.

Recently, Stuart has acted as an independent board consultant for one of the first fully regulated property crowd funding businesses in the UK, raising £10m investment capital directly under FCA regulation in a new concept financial services business. Stuart helped develop systems and processes, source and package fully compliant investment opportunities for scrutiny by regulators prior to be presented to potential investors.